CCIP Providers Care about Quality

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The Child Care Improvement Project (CCIP) works with family child care providers to enhance the quality of their child care programs and supports them in their professional growth. CCIP providers are committed to offering children a safe, loving, and nurturing learning environment that helps prepare them for success in school and life.

What Is Family Child Care?

Family child care is “non-parental care provided to small groups of children in the residence of the caregiver.”

Why Family Child Care?

Flexibility: Some child care providers are able to accommodate the special needs of working parents, such as evening/night work hours or weekend jobs.

Affordability: Family child care tends to be less expensive than center-based programs.

Home environment: Family child care can include more personal attention, home-cooked meals, and the opportunity for siblings to be in the same group setting.

Caregiver consistency: Your child remains with the same caregiver and doesn’t move to a different caregiver as he or she gets older.

Small group sizes and individualized attention: Family child care providers must adhere to ratios set by the State Child Care Division.

Convenience: CCIP child care providers are located near your home or work.

Why Choose a CCIP Provider?

Peace of Mind: All CCIP child care providers receive regular support, technical assistance, and training to help them provide stable, safe, and nurturing environments for children. Plus, CCIP coordinators perform an annual evaluation utilizing the Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale for quality improvement purposes.

Regular home visits: Providers receive regular visits from their network coordinator to address child development and education topics.

Monthly training and meetings: Providers attend monthly trainings to explore topics relevant to quality child care.

Curriculum grants: Providers receive yearly grants to purchase toys, equipment, materials, and services that enhance their child care programs.

Community: The CCIP offers families and providers opportunities to attend field trips and special events, such as holiday parties and summer picnics. The CCIP also offers workshops for parents on topics such as parenting, school readiness, and child development.

Culturally specific providers: The CCIP includes providers who speak Spanish, Russian, Somali, and Farsi. Parents can find providers who will provide their children with a language immersion experience or who speak the family’s native language.

Feedback: To help guarantee parent satisfaction with CCIP child care services, parents are encouraged to fill out an annual evaluation of their provider that CCIP monitors and uses to provide feedback and improve service.


For more information about a CCIP child care provider who can best meet the needs of your family please call 503-246-1663, x4001 or email

Note: If your children are currently receiving family child care and you are interested in finding out how your provider could become part of a CCIP network, please call 503-246-1663, x4001.