Head Start, Early Head Start & Preschool Promise



The Neighborhood House Head Start program serves children 3-5 years old and their families. Preschool Promise serves children 3-5 years old. Early Head Start serves children 0-3 years old and their families in West Multnomah County. 

Head Start

The Neighborhood House Head Start program is funded by a grant from the Oregon Department of Education. The Early Head Start program is funded by a grant from the Portland Children's Levy. These programs serve children and their families living in West Multnomah County. The Neighborhood House Head Start and Early Head Start programs follow the federal guidelines for both programs.

Head Start services include:  
National Head Start research shows that children having participated in Head Start are:

Less Likely to

  • be retained in grade.
  • require special education.
  • drop out of school.

More Likely to

  • have improved intellectual/cognitive skills.
  • be healthier.
  • have enhanced self-esteem.
  • exhibit good social/emotional skill development.

See our Fiscal Year 2015-16 Annual Report to learn more about our Head Start Program.

Preschool Promise

Our Preschool Promise program was one of the first in the state of Oregon. We were chosen as one of eight organizations to pilot the program in 2016, and we continue to provide Preschool Promise at our Children's Center at Stephens Creek Crossing. Preschool Promise is available to families who earn up to 200% of the poverty level, and is open five days per week. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Parent and community volunteers are a vital component of the Head Start program! We offer many different volunteer opportunities, and we so appreciate the support of our dedicated volunteers.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities in our Head Start programs.