Youth & Family Services Program

Child You Can Do It!

For many children, school can be challenging. Some students have no one at home who can help with homework, while others struggle with language and cultural barriers. Many deal with personal and family issues that make it difficult to focus on their studies. Working families can struggle to find a safe and affordable place for students to spend time after school. Often, disadvantaged students don’t believe they can be successful.

Neighborhood House Youth & Family Services is a leading area provider of educational support and afterschool programming, serving students at schools in Southwest, North, and Northeast Portland. Working with youth (ages 5-12), their families, local schools, and community groups, we deliver innovative and effective services that help struggling students succeed in school and life.

Youth & Family Services (YFS)

Peninsula before- and after-school programs offer a safe, fun, and enriching place for the children of working families to spend time before and after school.

Peninsula extended-day activities include:
  • Homework help, tutoring, academic classes.
  • Art, sports, and other enrichment.
  • Safe, supportive places before and after school.
  • Summer enrichment programs.

Neighborhood House operates Peninsula School Programs at the following schools:

  • Boise-Eliot/Humboldt Elementary.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary.
  • Sabin Elementary.

Additional YFS Programs include:
  • Hayhurst Connect.
  • Stephens Creek Crossing Youth Outreach.
  • Grauer Back-to-School Project.

The Hayhurst Connect program serves 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who have been referred by their teachers because they need extra academic or social-emotional support. State-qualified teachers and teacher assistants provide 1.5 hours of extra academic support twice each week through project-based activities focused on math and literacy. Assistant teachers also provide an additional third day of optional programming, usually in the arts. Children can participate in quarterly field trips, and parents are invited to attend quarterly family nights. These evenings showcase students' work and provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to socialize in a safe, supportive environment.

Volunteer with YFS

There are many opportunities to volunteer with our Youth & Family Services Program. By volunteering to assist with an afterschool class, you can provide homework help, give social-emotional support, and serve as a positive adult role model for children in need.

Meet a Neighbor
Andre was a senior at Roosevelt High School who was struggling in most classes. Then, three years ago, he asked our SUN Community School to offer music studio time after school. Andre's involvement in the SUN music program helped him stay interested in school and pass his classes. He mentored other students in the studio and participated in SUN yutoring on a regular basis. Andre worked with a consistent tutor for a couple of years, improved his grades and recovered course credit in after-school and SUN summer programs. With tremendous support from Neighborhood House’s Roosevelt SUN Community School, Andre graduated last spring and has since matriculated at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, NY to further his education. He looks forward to pursuing a career in music. Jennifer and Emma