Family Housing Services

Helping Families Thrive

From providing needed job training for newly arrived immigrants at the turn of the century to helping families today transition from homelessness to permanent housing, Neighborhood House stands as a beacon of hope for families in need in the Portland area.

Our goal now, as it was in 1905, is to help low-income and homeless families meet their basic needs in the short term, and to put them on the path to achieving long-term self-sufficiency.

Rapid Rehousing

Are you in need of transitional housing? Our Rapid Rehousing Program helps homeless families with children through referrals from A Home For Every One.

The program offers hope and stability when you feel all is lost and empowers you to overcome barriers – whether internal or external – and gain the skills you need to secure and maintain permanent housing, as well as build a more stable and successful life for you and your family.

Our main location is 19th Avenue Apartments, a site-based apartment complex in the Hillsdale neighborhood near Ida B. Wells High School in Southwest Portland. We also have scattered housing units across the metro area owned by a private landlord in the community.

The program also offers the following support services:
• Family case management
• Adult education and literacy
• Employment assistance

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