Food Pantry Garden

Food Pantry Garden

The Neighborhood House Food Pantry Garden is located right next to the Food Pantry in Multnomah Village. Each year, we grow around 1,500 pounds of fresh, nutritious vegetables that are harvested and then distributed from the Food Pantry next door. This is an entirely volunteer-run program.

Interested in volunteering? Fill out an application here.

We’re looking for:

  1. People interested in volunteering in the garden (weeding, preparing beds, planting, harvesting, mowing, and trimming)
  2. Sources for plant starts
  3. People interested in helping with repairs to the raised beds and the irrigation system 
  4. People interested in working on the flower and herb gardens on the property

Scattered Garden Program

The Neighborhood House Scattered Garden Program’s goal is to provide fresh produce for the Neighborhood House Food Pantry grown in local home and community gardens.  The program has two parts:

  1. Provide homes and community gardens with healthy, young vegetable plant starts to supplement these gardens. (Our motto is “Use what you need, give the Food Pantry the rest”); and
  2. Facilitate the delivery of the grown produce to the Food Pantry. 

We’re looking for people who:

  1. Have room in their garden to grow produce to contribute to the Food Pantry
  2. Have vegetable plant starts we can use for the program
  3. Have time to help us deliver plant starts and/or periodically pick up produce over the summer
  4. Know of other homes and community gardens who might be interested in participating in this program

Interested in helping out? Email Dan.