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7-Year-Old Sells Lemonade “to Help Families”

Last month, 7-year-old Harper got an early start as a local philanthropist. 

Harper, who is proud to say she is really “7 and ¾,” decided she wanted to run a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to Neighborhood House.

“[I wanted to help] because I wanted to sell lemonade and help families,” she said.

Friends and neighbors stopped by to enjoy the lemonade and cookies Harper had prepared.

“Harper worked really hard setting up, cleaning up, and ensuring everyone walking by had lemonade,” her mom, Michelle, said.

“It has been tricky to find meaningful ways to connect during the pandemic and so we were happy to see our friends and neighbors. She is looking forward to another stand next year to benefit the Neighborhood House!”

Michelle enthusiastically added, “She even included cookies and didn’t eat them all!”

Neighborhood House is grateful to Harper and her family for instilling in her the important value of helping others. Thanks, Harper!