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After School Care Doesn’t Just Benefit Students – It Helps Working Parents, Too

Like many working parents, Matt needed a safe, productive space to care for his children while he and his wife worked full time. When he heard about Neighborhood House’s School Age before and after school programs from his kids’ school, he was thrilled.

Since the beginning of last semester, Matt’s son has been attending Neighborhood House’s after school program at his elementary school. Our School Age Programs operate before and after school programs at four elementary schools in North and Northeast Portland. 

“The convenience of Neighborhood House being located on-site at our child’s elementary school has been indispensable to our family, allowing us to continue our focus on work while my son gets enriching and energizing attention from the after school team,” Matt said of the program.

Beyond the convenience of conducting the program right in his son’s school, Matt values the education and special attention his son receives from the teachers. 

“We love Director Mars for her energy, care for the students and her ability to lead a great team of teachers,” Matt said of his son’s teacher. “From meaningful discipline, a welcoming personality, and a positive sense of humor, we believe that our son is learning many new social, motor, and development skills all while having fun.”

Matt’s son is having such a positive experience, he said, that he’s sad when he has to leave for the day.

After a year and a half online, children returning to in-person school are facing the social and emotional fallout the pandemic’s interruption caused. To best support children’s emotional health, Neighborhood House’s School Age Programs have been working to maintain higher levels of staffing so each child receives the care and support they need. 

It is essential that families like Matt’s have a safe, educational space for their children so they can focus on providing for their household. While after school care can be expensive and inaccessible for many families, Neighborhood House works to ensure that children in North Portland have the care they need.