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An Issue of Accessibility

A loss of accessibility has been one of the most difficult impacts of the pandemic on our aging neighbors. Those who already had difficulty affording basic necessities and leaving their homes safely suddenly faced an even greater barrier. Many were unsure of how they would feed themselves.

Edan, a local senior, was face to face with food insecurity when he learned about Neighborhood House. 

“I couldn’t survive on what food stamps provide,” Edan said. 

Edan now receives a food delivery from the Neighborhood House Food Pantry twice a month directly to his door.

The fact that Neighborhood House provides plentiful fresh produce also makes a big difference for Edan. He is severely diabetic, so he can’t eat potatoes or other cheap foods. The vegetables and nuts that the Pantry delivers are healthy and safe for Edan to eat. 

“I used to go to another food pantry…. I had to walk over a mile to get there,” Edan said.

“[The food delivery] service is great – it really, really helps a lot of people. It helps with my shopping problem. If I didn’t get these food deliveries, I would have to get another source of food.”

The Food Pantry has been working with our Aging Services Program throughout the pandemic to ensure that homebound seniors are receiving plenty of healthy food, saving them the difficulty of going to the store or spending more than they can afford. Our services help clients’ financial resources go further, so they can afford other necessities like rent and medicine.