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Exciting Plans for Building Expanded Program Space

Neighborhood House programs are expanding, and we have a number of exciting real estate development plans on the horizon to ensure they all have the space they need. 

We are actively seeking a new site for the Food Pantry, which has outgrown its current home in Multnomah Village. The current site does not offer enough parking or accessibility for clients, and has limited storage and space for expediting deliveries. In order to better serve our clients, we are in the process of purchasing a larger facility in Southwest Portland that will have more parking, be more easily accessible via public transit, and will have more space for clients to “shop” inside the space. If you know of a space that might be suitable for our pantry, please contact us here.  

As we work with community partners to create a West Side Food Cooperative, which will aim to blanket the west side of Portland with free, healthy, and culturally specific food access, more space will be essential. 

Neighborhood House is also excited to be finalizing plans for the site of our current administrative offices and Food Pantry in Multnomah Village. Within the next 3 years, the current building will be demolished and affordable senior housing will be built, co-located with additional Head Start classroom space. We are eager to partner with Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) to make this vision a reality. 

This project addresses two major crises in Portland right now – lack of affordable housing and lack of affordable early childhood education space.

Keep an eye out for sketches of the new space!