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Finding a New Support System at the Senior Center

When Cecilia retired from teaching 13 years ago, she was looking for a way to stay busy. Cecilia read about the Neighborhood House Senior Center in the newspaper and decided to get involved.

For many years, she volunteered by visiting with folks who were no longer able to visit the center in person. She also utilized the services herself and joined a yoga group at the Senior Center. Though the group had already been practicing for many years, they immediately welcomed Cecilia as a member. 

“Early on, I realized that this was a remarkable group of women,” Cecilia said, “But not until August did I fully recognize their strength and compassion.”

In August of 2021, Cecilia had a terrible fall down a flight of stairs, breaking her back and wrist. For the next three months, she lived with a restrictive brace that extended from the top of her head to her waist. Right away, her yoga classmates stepped up to help.

“They came in the mornings before work with specially made coffees for me, gave me foot massages to ease my back pain, and sent cards, texts, and emails,” Cecilia said of her classmates, “They never let me forget I was loved, valued, and capable of healing.”

Cecilia benefitted from the physical activity the yoga class offered, but that wasn’t all the class provided. 

Cecilia said of her experience with the Senior Center, “Yes, all the physical supports like exercise classes, card groups, grocery services, art, and transportation are very important to the community they serve. The psychological support and benefits are equally important and less readily apparent. Especially during the pandemic when isolation and loneliness have been a companion for many, the groups and friendships formed under the Neighborhood House roof continue to thrive and grow.”