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First Tech Credit Union: Helping Feed Families!

During the month of April, teams of five or more First Tech Credit Union employees who volunteered with a qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit for at least two hours generated a $500 grant to that nonprofit on behalf of First Tech.

One of the many employees who organized a 5 for $500 volunteer event is John Monson, Marketing Strategist II. John organized a volunteer event with Neighborhood House, a nonprofit committed to offering innovative and high-quality education, anti-poverty, and senior support services. They provide family housing services, early childhood education, a community food pantry, and much more.  

“I organized our first volunteer event with Neighborhood House during last year’s Season of Giving campaign,” said John. “I originally heard about them through my church and was amazed at the incredible work they do, including operating the largest food pantry program on Portland’s west side. I asked how we could help feed our neighbors, created our first event, then brought even more volunteers to work four shifts over two days this month. Add in the generous donations from First Tech, and that’s a solid contribution to the fight against hunger.”

“I had a great time volunteering at Neighborhood House Food Pantry,” said MiQuelle DeMinor, Marketing Performance Manager II. “We were able to help stock the client food area, clean the freezers and refrigerators, organize newly donated food, throw out donated food that was expired, and much more. It was a pleasant experience which I’d like to do more.”

“The First Tech volunteers were helpful in feeding many families while they were here by walking people through our food pantry and packing food boxes for deliveries. They took on tasks I would usually do, giving me the opportunity to focus more on high-demand deliveries, making the impact even greater,” said Samara Walker, Food Pantry Assistant Manager at Neighborhood House.