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The “Therapeutic” Side of Volunteering

In September of 2020, Bob suffered a traumatic brain injury at age 83. At the time of his injury, Bob was very active and doing some post-retirement work to pass the time. He was not expected to survive but wonderfully, he did.

Bob & Julie volunteering at the Food Pantry

When a few months passed and he was doing better, Bob’s daughter Julie decided it might be “therapeutic” to start volunteering with the Food Pantry. In December of 2020, they both started delivering food boxes to peoples’ homes. Now they volunteer in the Pantry stocking shelves, packing food boxes, and helping clients. Since they started, they have collectively volunteered almost 400 hours.

“[The most rewarding part of volunteering is] working with people to help them meet their needs, as well as working with other volunteers,” Bob said of his experience.

Julie agreed, and added, “The opportunity to be a part of the Neighborhood House community is food for the soul.”

The Food Pantry relies on dedicated community support to serve the thousands of people who are fed each year. Volunteers like Bob and Julie make it all possible!