The Growing Our Village Campaign

Establishing our home for the next generation of service

Coming Soon: a free tour of the new building!

Want a sneak peek of the future site of our food pantry and senior programs? We’ll be holding small group tours led by Neighborhood House staff and volunteers. More dates and times to come!

The Need and the Vision

Wealth inequity is increasing. The need for safety net and poverty prevention services grows each year, and Neighborhood House’s programs are expanding in response. We know that effective program spaces are essential to providing impactful and dignified services. That is why we are kicking off a 10+ year strategic initiative to expand our service capacity by partnering with donors to build state-of-the-art, accessible, and dignified spaces designed and influenced by the neighbors who will utilize them.


Barbur Blvd: Expanding &
Co-locating Our Food Pantry
and Senior Center

Project Goal

$7.2 million

Fundraising Goal

$5 million

Our Food Pantry vision is to create a Westside Food Cooperative to eliminate food insecurity and support all neighbors on limited incomes to make ends meet. Our Senior Center vision is to grow our service offerings and tailor them to culturally specific needs. Thus, our purchase and renovation of a transit-accessible building on Barbur Blvd will support this growth, allow for customized service space, and create synergies between programs. The two-story, 15,866 sq. ft. office building is centrally located between downtown Portland, Beaverton, and Tigard. It is conveniently located across from the 30th Ave Station for the planned MAX Southwest Corridor light rail expansion.

Woman Holding Two Large Cucumbers

Transforming Need Into Bright Futures

How This Project Helps

Key Expanded Food Pantry Benefits:

  • Larger receiving, production, and storage capacity will:
    • Enable wider selection of healthy and culturally responsive items
    • Support the Westside Cooperative, a partnership of free food providers led by NH to increase efficiency and reduce waste
  • Expanded shopping area will enable serving a higher volume of neighbors and reduce wait times
  • Attractive, naturally lit space that provides a more dignified experience

Key Senior Program Benefits:

  • Funds saved from current Senior Center rents will be invested in programming
  • Expanded square footage will allow more opportunities, including culturally specific offerings that require private meeting spaces
  • Easier public access to volunteer-led resale shop, where seniors sell donated clothing to raise funds for the program
  • Synergy with the Food Pantry, where many seniors access food assistance or serve as volunteers

    did you know?

    Nearly 1 in 4 people age 65+ are considered socially isolated. Social isolation significantly increases a person’s risk of premature death from all causes—a risk that rivals those of smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.

    1 in 5 Oregonians currently faces food insecurity.

    About 1 in 4 students in Neighborhood House’s service area qualify for free and reduced meals, and over 10,000 households access government programs to supplement their food supply.

    50% of Oregon renters pay an unsustainable 30%+ of their income towards rent.


    Please help us Fight Hunger and Support Seniors by giving to the “Growing Our Village” Campaign.

    Looking to the Future in Multnomah Village …

    Neighborhood House is also working on a vision for the Multnomah Village site where our administrative offices currently sit. We are talking to partners to consider constructing affordable housing in that space. Keep an eye out for more information as this project progresses.


    You have questions, we have answers!

    Why has NH launched the Growing Our Village Capital Campaign (GOVC)?

    Even before the COVID crisis, the persistent and growing wealth gap was already testing the capacity of Neighborhood House’s safety net and anti-poverty programs. Having outgrown much of its service space, Neighborhood House drew up a 20-year strategic facilities plan that included developing expanded and accessible built-to-suit facilities that will house the next generation of services that keep you from growing.

    What is the current $3.7 million campaign for?

    Neighborhood House has acquired an office building on SW Barbur Blvd that will provide critically needed space for two core Neighborhood House programs: our Free Food Market and Senior Hub (formerly our Food Pantry and Senior Center, respectively). The $3.7 million campaign will cover the cost of purchasing and renovating the Barbur building, including significantly expanded and improved spaces for our Free Food Market and Senior Hub.

    What are the primary community benefits of the new Barbur facility?

    • Assuring Food Security: Improved receiving and storage capacity will make possible a wider selection of healthy and culturally responsive food offerings; the expanded shopping area will let us serve a higher volume of people and reduce wait times. In addition, Neighborhood House is forging an exciting partnership of westside food assistance providers that will collaborate to reduce food waste, maximize efficiency, and dramatically expand the volume of food and healthy options available to hungry neighbors across our service area. 
    • Improving Senior Health through Connection: Expanded space will enable the launch of new, client-directed programs, including culturally specific offerings that require private meeting spaces. Current rent payments on the existing space will be reinvested in Senior Hub programs.
    • Accessible and Bright Community Connection Space:
      • Located on two bus lines and the future route of the Southwest Corridor Light Rail Project, the building’s centralized location will greatly increase the accessibility of our services. 
      • Its attractive, naturally lit spaces will provide a more welcoming and dignified experience for our clients. 
      • Synergy of co-locating the Senior Hub with the Free Food Market, where many seniors access food assistance and/or serve as volunteers.


    What support has been committed already? What types of funding sources will be asked to support the GOVC?

    Neighborhood House will seek funding from an array of public and private sources, including individual donors, foundations, and corporate investors. Funding was launched with $100,000 of federal CARES Act funds secured by Oregon Rep. Lisa Reynolds. Approximately $400,000 has been committed in lead gifts by individual donors at the time of purchase.

    Who is overseeing the Capital Campaign?

    The GOVC is being overseen by a Capital Campaign Committee comprised of 15-20 members of the Neighborhood House Board of Directors (current and past) and other community leaders. Additional volunteers are needed and welcomed at this time.

    How can I donate? Is it OK to make a pledge that I pay over time?

    Gifts of cash and securities will be accepted in support of the campaign. 

    • Cash gifts can be made by check, or through our GOVC contributions page
    • To make a stock donation, contact Development Director Mari Yerger at
    • Gifts may be paid over time. Please email for a copy of the GOVC pledge form to confirm your gift and set up a payment schedule. Pledged gifts should be completed by October 2023. 

    Are donations to the Capital Campaign tax-deductible?

    Yes. Neighborhood House is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, Tax ID# 93-0386875.

    Are there additional ways I can support the campaign beyond making a donation?

    Tell your friends! To reach our ambitious fundraising goal, we need Neighborhood House supporters to help spread the word about the project to their networks. Volunteers are still needed to serve on the Capital Campaign Committee and/or support GOVC activities (e.g., hosting or assisting at campaign events). Contact Mari Yerger at to help or if you have any other questions about the campaign. 

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