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Focusing on Painting, Not Picking Up Prescriptions

Neighborhood House’s Aging Services do more than just keep seniors connected through online and socially distanced classes. Since the pandemic began, volunteers and staff have been delivering food and medication to homebound seniors. This service has made a significant difference to our aging neighbors, particularly those living on a fixed income without access to reliable transportation.

Every other Friday, volunteers pick up local senior TJ’s prescriptions and bring them directly to her home. Due to fibromyalgia, it is difficult for TJ to have the energy to go out and get her prescriptions. Before she heard about Neighborhood House, TJ was forced to take the bus across town for pick up.

“[The delivery] helps me a lot,” TJ said. 

“Because I don’t have a lot of energy, anything I can do that makes my life easier is helpful.”

In her free time, TJ loves to read, watch movies, and paint. Without her prescriptions to worry about, TJ is able to focus on taking care of herself and staying happy and healthy.

One of TJ’s paintings